Who am I ?

Shreechand Prasad is known as Motivational Speaker & Entrepreneur Coach. He is the founder of Shreechand International Institute of Motivation, an organisation involve in bringing excellence in Business & Lifestyle.

His customized content, which is a combination of Psychology, Science and Spirituality, is delivered to hundreds of prominent organizations. Over the last 2 years, his programs have inspired over 10,000 people across all over country. His largest single audience to date is 7,000 participants.

As a motivational speaker and life coach Shreechand also worked in Dhanbaad(Jharkhand) as a lawyer. He is now well respected Motivational Speaker in Jharkhand.

Every year Shreechand Prasad is invited by various ​corporate sectors, ​business forums & institution to share his ideas on Business, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Sales & Excellence.

Why Shreechand Prasad ?

  • He will help you to find that "One Word"A single word that will change your Life.
  • Programs are conductect in English & HindiPowerful messages are delivered using simple languages.
  • Improve your Personal & Professional Effectivness by 10 TimesHe shall have to be motivated to do good work. This is possible only through motivation. Therefore, motivation improves efficiency.
  • Helps to Change Negative or Indifferent Attitudes of EmployeesSome employees of an organisation have a negative attitude. They always think that doing more work will not bring any credit. A manager uses various techniques to change this attitude.

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